Dublin’s Viking Longship


Dublin’s Viking Longship – No. 14

Short preview of the film.

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Dublin’s Viking Longship – No. 14

For the celebration marking Dublin’s millennium (1,000 years) the communities of The East Wall and Ringsend built a replica of a Viking longship, The Dyflyn. The film follows the shipwrights as they travel to the Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway to study original boats. We follow the construction of the vessel in detail from the felling of ancient oaks in Co. Laois to it’s assembly. The ship is finally hauled into the open by teams of men, and the figurehead, mast and rigging mounted; followed by the launch of the vessel, and it’s inaugural voyage northward up the Irish Sea in the wake of the ancient Viking raiders.     Made in 1988.

Commentary- Éamonn Mac Thomáis; Music- Mary Mc Auliffe;     Running time – 1 hour

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