English Silk


English Silk – No. 9

Short preview of the film.

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English Silk – No. 9

This hour-long, award-winning* program made in 1985, tells the story of silk production at Lullingston Silk Farm in Dorset, England, makers of the silk for the unforgettable wedding dress of Princess Diana. We see how silkworms are farmed and harvested, and their silk is reeled, spun and woven. At David Evans in Kent, England, the last British company still printing silk by hand, we see the weaving, dyeing, and hand block printing of the silk, including the carving of the blocks. The film concludes with the screenprinting of silk for the famous Libertys store in London.

Commentary- Alec Taylor; Music- Roger Doyle; (*Silver Harp, Ireland’s Golden Harp festival);     Running time – 1 hour

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